Anonymous vds setup v2

Will be useful: apt-get -y update && apt-get -y upgrade

Do not use “ssh-copy-id”, clear ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
echo «» > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ; chattr +i ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Disable authorization logging:
Comment line «auth,authpriv.* -/var/log/auth.log» in /etc/rsyslog.conf
On Centos: authpriv.* /var/log/secure — on Centos

grep -nr «auth.log» /etc/

(>/var/log/secure on centos)
chattr +i /var/log/secure
service rsyslog restart

touch ~/.hushlogin # disable Welcome Message

chattr +i ~/.hushlogin

— to prevent deletion

change SSH daemon default port: vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config — Port 22
service ssh restart
(service sshd restart — centos)

set +o history; history -c ; echo "set +o history" >> ~/.bashrc ; rm ~/.bash_history 

# Prevent to save commands in bash history

rm /var/log/wtmp # disable “last” command

rm /var/log/apache2/*log* # remove Apache logs

cd /etc/apache2/

for i in `grep -lnr "CustomLog " /etc/apache2/*`; do vim "$i"; done

# find all config files
then open each file (vim filename ++LINE_NUMBER) and replace all lines starts with “CustomLog ” to: CustomLog /dev/null combined

Repeat for ErrorLog

for i in `grep -lnr "ErrorLog " /etc/apache2/*`; do vim "$i"; done

replace with: ErrorLog /dev/null

Also, find “ErrorLog” in apache2.conf and replace with:
CustomLog /dev/null combined
ErrorLog /dev/null

apachectl restart

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